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Colorfeels  • exhibited at Distillery of Modern Art, Chamblee Georgia

electric neo retro pop art piece with an anime collaged background, an overlay of transparent yellow, with a futuristic image of a person wearing sunglasses and an optical illusion sun dress
brilliant resin pour on patterned lines of lime green aqua teal and purple with the image of lelouch from the Japanese animation code geass
a painting of the model twiggy looking off into the sky done in a neo retro style using bold lines and colors that span the entire rainbow
summer time fun with a lady drinking a refreshing cherry lime rickey this painting is done in neon green and true blue with a glitter red cherry
a punk rock gender bending portrait of an unknown person dripping in holographic colors and three dimensional effects
a pink dream of patterns covered in lush resin with a lady in pink with a fur puff kitty makeup compact
a magic ducky
beautiful lady with a hair do that is twice the height of her head, the image is painted on top of a collage of the famous anime nausicaa, this piece is done in mint green cyan and light magenta
bold graphic painting of a person in a checkered hoodie in front of a purple and pink and yellow grid pattern wearing sunglasses that have a holographic image of people skiing and jumping

Various (Sold) pieces from the past  • in no specific order  :)

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