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2009 • “I Love St Pete Show #3” ArtPool, St. Petersburg, FL

The third and final I love St Pete show that I organized was held at ArtPool. This was when ArtPool was still really new and at their first location on 1st Ave N. Did you know that I developed the original branding for ArtPool and also came up with the idea for the wall rental system. Artists would rent a certain amount of wall space per month and could hang their art and make 100% of what they sold. It was a model that helped both Marina ( the owner ) and the artists. Anyway this last I<3SP show was a great one! As I mentioned before, producing these large scale events by myself ( while working a full time job ) just got to be too much for me. Even though I had folks helping, I was pouring a crazy amount of my own money into these. Everyone involved was benefiting while I was walking away in the red. It just wasn't sustainable for me - but - I would do it all over again.


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