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2010 • “The 600 Block Party” Bluelucy Gallery, St Petersburg, FL

Finally in May of 2010 the entire block was at capacity and fully open. To celebrate this we threw a massive block party. The mayor and all of city council came down for an official ribbon cutting. This was a major turning point for the city... it's a tale that gets repeated time and time again. An area of town falls into disrepair, artists move in and fix it up, then the rents skyrocket so that only the wealthy can afford spaces. To that all I can say is, You're Welcome. Oh and I almost forgot, just in time for the block party I was able to make our official Bluelucy sign. A big thanks to Heinz Hinrichs for installing it! If you don't know Heinz, you're missing out. He's the kindest man and most skilled craftsman I know.

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